Where’s my village..

I’m really struggling to cope with my busy life with no family help, anyone else? 

I always assumed my family would be a huge part of my kids life. It’s not their fault I moved to the otherwise of the world, didn’t really think that one through to be fair. I also didn’t realise I would need them so much. It seems to me you either have family help or you pay for it, both with money and with your job prospects. 

Yes hire me I’m awesome, except when my kids sick or when my other kid catches what the first one had last week, or when my car breaks down (I have zero spare time or money to take it in to get serviced) or school has an unexpected teachers only day or calls me to collect my son cause he fell off the swings again. Also I will run from my desk like a woman possessed at 5 everyday on the dot for fear of being late to day care or after school care (which by the way are fucking extortionate so you better be paying me well). Also lets be honest I’m going to photocopy birthday party invites and occasionally have snot/dribble on my shoulder when I come to work. 

Come on village, I really need you now…