Is Richard Simmons housekeeper a witch?

Ok so I’m currently listening to the Missing Richard Simmons podcast, and the main theory so far is that Teresa Reveles, his maid is somehow controlling his life and holding him hostage in his own home. Oh and that she is an actual witch.

That’s not the only theory but it’s probably the most fascinating one, other theories include…

  • He has a knee injury which is making him depressed
  • He’s just sick of being famous (wouldn’t you move house though?)
  • His dog died and it plunged him into a deep depression

I guess the irony is that he spent years screaming about happiness and loving yourself and self-acceptance, and it turns out, he might not like himself that much. Well, Richard, we can all relate to that, my friend. I guess that what has me hooked, that and the witch theory obviously.




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