Is Richard Simmons housekeeper a witch?

Ok so I’m currently listening to the Missing Richard Simmons podcast, and the main theory so far is that Teresa Reveles, his maid is somehow controlling his life and holding him hostage in his own home. Oh and that she is an actual witch.

That’s not the only theory but it’s probably the most fascinating one, other theories include…

  • He has a knee injury which is making him depressed
  • He’s just sick of being famous (wouldn’t you move house though?)
  • His dog died and it plunged him into a deep depression

I guess the irony is that he spent years screaming about happiness and loving yourself and self-acceptance, and it turns out, he might not like himself that much. Well, Richard, we can all relate to that, my friend. I guess that what has me hooked, that and the witch theory obviously.




Serial Obsession

So I got some Bluetooth headphones for Christmas and let me tell you they are fucking awesome, I didn’t see what was so great about Bluetooth headphones until I owned my very own pair. Anyway I realized I could now listen to what I want without the kids really noticing what I was up do, I spent the holidays listening to podcasts. No longer subjected to the horror that is kids daytime TV or listening to the long and winding explanations of something that I already heard.. ‘mum guess what I just said, it was SO funny’, I kept it at a level that I could hear what they saying if they said it loudly in case they really needed my attention (which by the way was at least every ten minutes so don’t get all judgy).

I have listened to This American life before but didn’t really connect with it so gave up but this time I gave Serial a go (which is by the creators of This American Life and hosted by Sarah Koenig). It was so good, each season (of which there are currently 2 and another one is being pitched) tells one true story over the course of a season. I could not stop listening, it was like reading a really good book and I don’t say this lightly because I love reading. Apparently over 40 million people have listened to is and that was a few years ago so the chances are you’ve already listened and are rolling your eyes right now, but just incase you haven’t I though I would share. The Serial website also has loads more info on each case as well as some cool artwork that goes alongside the storyline.